This page was updated on 27 October 2020.

Michigan Conference United Methodist Women 2nd Annual Meeting
A video of the event can be found here.

The Keynote Speaker was Tracy Brame, Professor and Assistant Dean at Cooley Law School.
Her full bio can be found here.
The video of her speech can be found here.

Bishop David Alan Bard gives greetings to the Conference Annual Meeting. It can be found here.

General Secretary of United Methodist Women Harriett Jane Olson gives greetings. It can be found here.

United Methodist Community House has created a 13 minute video about the work of UMCH.
It can be found here.

JFON - Justice for Our Neighbors- a three minute video about the work of JFON.
It can be found here.
There are offices in Metro Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Traverse City.
For more information, view their website here.

God's Country Cooperative Parish - two videos have been made available.
Church and Community Worker Randy Hildebrandt, Director Rev. Jackie Roe, and others talk about GCCP.
Their mission project is raising $30,000 for the heating system in their refurbished Dunlap Ministry Center near Newberry.
Should you want to visit it, the address is 6545 South M-123, Newberry MI 49868.
A donation to the project goes to God's Country Cooperative Parish,
110 W. Harrie Street, Newberry, MI 49868 with Heating System in the memo.
The 32 minute video. Rev. Jackie at minute 26. Randy's section is at 24.55 minutes.
The 19 minute video. Rev. Jackie is at minute 11:20. Randy is at minute 12.


CENTRAL BAY 10/3/20 - Their meeting was held live on ZOOM. Due to some copyright issues, only the speaker was recorded.
Annual Meeting Speaker Linda Darrow"YOU can, You CAN"

GREATER DETROIT 10/10/20 - Their meeting was held live on ZOOM. Due to some copyright issues, only the speaker was recorded.
Two Annual Meeting Speakers - Conference President Linda Darrow gives greetings, Vice President Tina Campbell introduces the speaker
Lay Minister Sharon Appling from Conant Avenue United Methodist Church speaking about "Justice, Action, Mercy".

GREATER SOUTHWEST DISTRICT - Greater Southwest had to cancel their Annual Meeting back in September.
Here is the video of the speaker and a handout she would have used.
Greater Southwest Speaker Deacon Sandra Bibliomo
Examples of Ways to Address Economic Inequality

HERITAGE DISTRICT - 9/26/20 Their annual meeting was held on live Zoom with some videos included.
Video Annual Meeting Part A:
Welcome, Devotion, Harriet Jane Olson, Rev. Tim Kobler, Bus Mtg, Recognitions
Video Annual Meeting Part B
Installation of Officers, Shonagh Taruza's "Wind of Change" presentation
Shonagh Taruza's "Wind of Change" presentation by itself

NORTHERN SKIES DISTRICT - Northern Skies postponed their meeting until the spring of 2021.
Their president Patti Steinberg did a report about their District UMW for the Northern Skies District Conference.
Pres. Patti UMW Video Report

NORTHERN WATERS DISTRICT - 9/26/20 Their Annual Meeting was recorded in segments and connected together.
It was available the day of the meeting.
Annual Meeting First Session (About 40 minutes)
Annual Meeting Second Session (business meeting and special recognition)
(about 55 minutes)