This page was updated on 24 February 2022.

Resources Posted in 2022

Racial Justice Prayer Action Challenge from GCORR. November Racial Justice Timeline

Scan of an article about Bennett College in "Women United For Change" p. 14-15.

2022 Charter for Racial Justice Projects Grants
Read about monetary help for projects or programs.

Racial Justice Engagement Opportunities from UMW

United Methodist Women - Black History Month Resources

Black History Month Activity Journal 2022 - from the General Commission on Religion and Race

Resources Posted in 2021

United Methodist Women
Remembering Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:
Looking Back and Moving Forward with Clara Ester

with Emily Jones and Clara Ester.

What You Need to Know about Indigenous Peoples' Day

Commission on Religion and Race sponsors
Online Event with the Writers of "I'm Black, I'm Christian, I'm Methodist" from January 19
with M. Garlinda Burton as Moderator.

Dismantling Racism Town Hall available on Video
Discussion about Doctrine of Discovery, November 18
The implications of how evangelism, colonialism
and racism are intertwined, etc.
featuring Dr. Lisa Dellinger
and Erin Hawkins as Moderator.

Dismantling Racism Town Hall October 26
Discussion about Intersectionality
Injustice is intersectional,
and liberation is interconnected.
featuring Miguel A. De La Torre, Traci C. West
and Erin Hawkins as Moderator.

Dismantling Racism Town Hall from September 16
Discussion about Theological Roots of Racism and Colonialism

featuring Dr. Mai-Anh Tran, Rev. Edgardo Colon-Emeric,
Dr. Willie James Jennings and Erin Hawkins as Moderator.

Dismantling Racism Town Hall from August 26 featuring Emerging Leaders -
Ann Jacob, Rev. Theon Johnson III, Andres De Arco, Katelin Hansen, and Erin Hawkins, Moderator.

Dismantling Racism Town Hall from August 19 featuring Seasoned Leaders
- Rev. James Lawson, Bishop Joel Martinez, Sue Thrasher, Clara Ester, and Erin Hawkins, Moderator.

You can listen to a podcast of the Faith Talk on Dismantling Racism
or find it on the UMW national website.

View a series of six videos of Vital Conversations - Realities of Race and Racism

Dismantling Racism Town Hall from July 1 featuring History Speakers
Dr. Lisa Dellinger, Rev. Fred Day III, Rev. Dr. Bobby McClain, Dr. Alison Greene, and Moderator Erin Hawkins
The beginning of the video
is a 13 minute video review
of feelings of racism related
to persons looking for freedom.
Then a moderator and four panelists
discuss the history of our church regarding Racism.
Beginning statements are made and later there are questions from the original audience.

What you should know about "Juneteenth"

The Bishops' Announcement about Initiatives of
Dismantling Racism
is available
at Noon on June 19 and thereafter.

Information about the "United against Racism".
This is the main church website for all information including
the videos that are available after they happen.

Information available from the National Museum
of African American History and Culture
An educational Portal "Talking About Race"

Statement from United Methodist Women
Black Lives Matter to God and United Methodist Women

Michigan Conference United Methodist Women Home Page