Michigan United Methodist Women 2022 Dates

This page was updated on 23 March 2022.
January 8 (Saturday)
Central Bay Leadership Team
Heritage Leadership Team
Northern Waters Leadership Team
January 8 (Saturday)
Mid-Michigan Epiphany Event - Webberville
January 26 (Wednesday) - 7 pm - 8 pm
Comference Leadership Team - Social Night - Zoom
February 12 (Saturday)
Central Bay Spiritual Enrichment Brunch - Zoom
Greater Detroit Prayer Breakfast
February 19 (Saturday) 9:30 by Zoom
Comference Leadership Team
February 28 (Monday) Dixboro UMC
Heritage Leadership Team
March 2
Ash Wednesday
March 4 (Friday)
World Day of Prayer
March 9 (Wednesday) Zoom
Mid-Michigan Leadership Team
March 12 (Saturday)
Greater Detroit Mission Workshop
March 19 (Saturday)
Heritage District Prayer Brunch 8:30 am - 1 pm - Dixboro UMC near Ann Arbor
Midwest District Spring Fling - Grand Haven:Church of the Dunes
March 23 (Wednesday) UMW Day of Giving
March 26 (Saturday) South Haven UMC
Greater Southwest Spring Fling
April 1-2 (Friday-Saturday) Lake Huron Retreat
Greater Detroit Spiritual Life Retreat
April 2 (Saturday) Lake Louise Retreat Center
Northern Waters Spiritual Growth Retreat
April 4 (Monday) Virtual by Zoom
Northern Skies Leadership Team
April 10 (Sunday)
Palm Sunday
Aoril 15 (Friday)
Good Friday
April 17 (Sunday)
April 29-30 (Friday - Saturday) The Springs - Gladwin
Central Bay Spiritual Growth Retreat
May 5 - (Saturday) Location - Kalamazoo: Westside UMC
Conference Leadership Team
April 30 - (Saturday) Location TBA
Midwest Spiritual Growth Retreat
May 2 (Monday) St. Ignace UMC
Northern Skies Leadership Team
May 3 (Tuesday) 10 am EDT St. Ignace UMC
Northern Skies Annual Celebration
May 7 (Saturday) Kalamazoo:Westwood UMC
Conference Leadership Team
May 14 OR 21 (Saturday) TBD
Northern Waters Power of Bold Day
May 20-22 (Friday - Sunday) Orlando, Florida
UMW Quadrennial Assembly
June 1 - 4 (Wednesday-Saturday) Grand Traverse Resort, Acme
Michigan Annual Conference
June 8 (Wednesday)
Northern Skies Leadership Team
Mid-Michigan Leadership Team - St. Louis UMC
June 9 (Thursday) - Joy Coyle's home - 3 pm
Heritage Leadership Team
June 11 (Saturday)
Northern Waters Leadership Team - Grayling
June 16 (Thursday) Climax UMC
Greater Southwest Mission Evening
July 1 (Friday)
Conference News deadline
August 11 - 13 (Thursday - Saturday) Mission u - Lake Huron Retreat Center
Study - Luke 13:Anchoring Christian Communities in Challenging Times
For Adults, Youth, Children
August 15 (Monday) Zoom
Northern Skies Leadership Team
August 20 (Saturday) Port Huron Retreat Center
Conference Finance Committee - 9:00 am
Conference Nominations Committee - 9:00 am
Mission u Committee - 10:30 am
Conference Leadership Team later in morning
September 7 (Friday) Pompeii UMC
Mid-Michigan Leadership Team
September 23 (Friday) Grayling: Michelson Memorial
Northern Waters Leadership Team
Northern Skies - See May
Program, Recognitions, Voting on Officers and Budgets, Fellowship

Mid-Michigan District United Methodist Women
Wednesday, Sept 14, St. Louis First UMC
Midwest District United Methodist Women
Saturday, Sept 17, TBA
Heritage District United Methodist Women
Saturday, Sept 24, Saline UMC
Northern Waters District United Methodist Women
Saturday, Sept 24, Grayling: Michelson UMC
Central Bay District United Methodist Women
Saturday, Oct 1, Midland:First UMC
Greater Southwest District United Methodist Women
Saturday, Oct 1, Otsego UMC
East Winds District United Methodist Women
Saturday, Oct 8, Port Huron: First
Greater Detroit District United Methodist Women
Saturday, Oct 8,
October 16-18 (Monday and Tuesday) Gaylord, MI
Mission u of the North, Gaylord UMC
October 21 (Friday)
Michigan Conference Officer Training & Leadership Development, 4 - 8 p.m.
Conference Newsletter Meeting, 5 p.m.
October 22 (Saturday)
Michigan Conference Annual Celebration, Kalamazoo:Westwood UMC
November 12 (Saturday)
Committee on Program 9:00 a.m.
Conference Leadership Team - 11:00 - 2 pm
November 24 (Thursday)
December 1 (Thursday)
The Conference News deadline
Heritage District Local Leadership Training (Zoom)
December 7 (Wednesday) Lansing
Mid-Michigan Leadership Team
December 10 (Saturday)
Northern Waters Leadership Team
December 25 (Sunday)

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