Detroit Conference 2017-2020 Program Goals

GOAL 1. Develop and implement an active caring connection among members of the Leadership Team.

GOAL 2. Improve Conference nurture of and communication with local units and individual members; i.e.,
improve and increase shepherding programs throughout the Conference, Districts and local units.

GOAL 3. Facilitate the development of personal faith, spiritual life, and skills among all members.

GOAL 4. To accomplish all the UMW Purpose and required responsibilities, encourage our conference, district,
and local team members to utilize all UMW material available from the Mission Resource Center, videos, website
(Detroit Conference and National UMW), The Detroit Conference News, and Response magazine.

GOAL 5. involve young women at all levels in development of programs to ensure their participation, subsidizing attendance
when needed. Always attempt to answer the question: "How can we do better?"

GOAL 6. Promote, discuss, and educate the Racial Justice initiatives for the quadrennium (2016-2020) Climate Justice,
Maternal and Child Health, Mass Incarceration, Economic Injustice.

West Michigan Conference 2018 Program Goals

  1. Support Wesley Foundation Campus Ministries and the women involved by:
    1. offering 2 scholarships to the 2018 Conference Annual (in Midland);
    2. offering 2 scholarships to any 2018 Mission u event;
    3. encourging local units to support the Wesley Centers in the conference.
  2. Support and educate about the programs provided at United Methodist Community House (UMCH) in Grand Rapids, specifically "Women in Transition" and First Step House by:
    1. using Highlights and District newsletters to keep local units and District teams informed;
    2. encouraging local units and District teams to include speakers from these programs to their events;
    3. recommending that local units and Districts be intentional about designating some part of their offerings to these projects.
  3. Emphasize and take action on issues of climate justice by focusing on Michigan water issues: Flint, Rockford, Nestle and Line 5:
    1. including articles in Highlights and the District newsletters to continually educate all members on this issue;
    2. encouraging members to read Response, New World Outlook an reading program books dealing with this issue;
    3. encouraging all members to speak up whenever possible;
    4. hosting a letter writing table at Conference Annual (with pens, paper and sample letters) so all in attendance can write to their Senators/Representatives regarding current/relevant legislation.
  4. Promote mission giving by:
    1. increasing the Pledge to Mission for 2020 by 5%;
    2. including articles in Highlights and District newsletters to educate members about programs, places and people who benefit from the mission money that comes from United Methodist Women.
  5. promote and support 150th Legacy Fund by:
    1. including personal legacy stories from women in our conference in all issues of Highlights and District newsletters;
    2. collecting at least $500 by the end of the year, from special offerings and/or designated collections, earmarked for this Fund;
    3. having personal presentations made at Conference and District Events.

    This page was updated 23 March 2018.