GOALS 2019

Spiritual Growth: Enhance our participation in the Spiritual Growth of our units/Districts through
active participation at district and conference events such as: Prayer Breakfast, Spiritual Growth
Retreat, Epiphany Breakfast, Mission U, spiritual growth books from the Reading programs, Lay
Servant Ministry, etc.

MET: Participate in 4 different Spiritual Growth Activities

Relationship: Rejuvenate our commitment to reorganize and restructure our programs by building
our Relationships in the following ways: With our Native American sisters by working more
closely with them and by attending their events; with the local units by encouraging engagement
in district shepherding, creating a cohesive atmosphere with the district/local units, and designing
and supporting different unit structures; with Church Women United by attending and
supporting their programs; and with Wesley Foundations by providing support.

MET: Participate and support 6 different building relationship events/programs

Promote and discuss our United Methodist Women Initiatives: Racial Justice/Climate Justice,
Maternal and Child Health, Economic Justice and Mass Incarceration by educating, organizing
and attending events, and keeping the lines of communication open within our conference. The
focus shall be to spotlight these initiatives at all district and conference events. Examples are:
Keep Making Peace, Justice for Our Neighbors, Program Resources, Social Justice events, The
VOICE Newsletter, etc.

MET: Attend and participate in 5 different events/programs

Education: Increase our skills and knowledge by being involved in the following Education
opportunities: Reading Program, Lay Servant Ministry, Mission U, Immigration-JFON, United
Methodist Women websites, The VOICE, being a mentor, etc.

MET: Attend and participate in 3 different programs and write an article relating to the
UMW Initiatives

Technology: Increase our Technology skills and knowledge by becoming more Social Media
Savvy. This can be accomplished by utilizing Facebook, planning Zoom and conference call
meetings, completing our census by March 31, 2019, etc.

MET: Scheduled more than 3 Zoom or Conference Call Meetings and complete our census
by Mar 31, 2019

Mission Giving: Increase our Mission Giving by using technology to meet and exceed this goal.
This can be accomplished by utilizing pay online options such as PayPal and Zelle, promoting
Legacy Day of Giving: March 23, 2019 (150 Years Legacy), etc.

MET: meet our annual budgeted goal 100%

Downloadable PDF of Goals 2019

This page was updated 12 April 2019.