United Women of Faith

The organized unit of
shall be a community of women
whose purpose is to know God
and to experience freedom
as whole persons through Jesus Christ;
to develop a creative,
supportive fellowship;
and to expand concepts of mission
through participation
in the global ministries of the church.

Mid-Michigan District
Inset City of Lansing
Mid-Michigan map
United Women in Faith
Leadership Team Team

President............Sharon Smith, Holt UMC

Vice President......Mary Ann Elzerman, Webberville UMC.

Secretary..........Linda Huyck, Pompeii UMC, Leslie

Treasurer..........Judy Christie, Webberville UMC

Mission Coordinators:

Spiritual Growth....Beverly Saunders, Holt UMC
Education and Interpretation....Karol Fry, Holt UMC
Social Action....Lynda Crandall, Mason:First UMC
Membership Nurture and Outreach...Patty Puckett, University UMC, Lansing/span>

Secretary of Program Resources....Karol Fry, Mason

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Mid-Michigan District

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District Dates Below
Committee on Nominations:
Chairperson...Donna Kleiver, Lansing:Grace UMC
Class of 2019....Linda Huyck, Pompeii UMC
Class of 2020....Beverly Saunders, Holt UMC
Class of 2022...Carol Smith, Pompeii UMC

Green Team....Elaine Ferris, Mason: First

Registrar....Audrey Putman, Mt. Hope UMC
The Messenger Editor....Cynthia Grostick, Holt UMC

Conference Officers residing in the District:
Conference Vice President...Waltha Gaye Leavitt, Crystal
Conference Nominations....Donna Kleiver

District Superintendent....Rev. Jerry Devine
Mid-Michigan District Webpage
Bishop David Alan Bard
Michigan Conference United Methodist Church

2022 District Dates

January 8 (Saturday)...Epiphany, Webberville UMC
February 15 (Tuesday)...2021 Number of Members, 2021 Mission Today, 2021 Reading Reports,
2021 Five Channel Units and Five Star Persons Due
March 10 (Thursday)...The Messenger Articles for April Issue Due
March 9 (Wednesday)....Executive Team Meeting - St. Louis UMC
March 23 (Wednesday)...Day of Giving to United Methodist Women Legacy Fund
Spiritual Growth Retreat, TBD
June 1-4 (Wednesday-Saturday)Michigan Annual Conference - Virtual and in persons Acme
June 8 (Wednesday)....Executive Team Meeting, St. Louis First UMC, St.Louis, Michigan
September 7 (Wednesday)....Executive Team Meeting,Pompeii UMC
September 14 (Wednesday)....District Annual Meeting and Celebration,St. Louis UMC
October 18-19 (Monday-Tuesday)...Mission u of the North, Gaylord UMC
October 21 (Friday)....Conference Leadership Training for District Officers,
October 22 (Saturday)....Michigan Conference Annual Celebration, Kalamazoo:Westwood UMC, 9:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
December 7 (Wednesday)....Executive Team Meeting, University UMC

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